Photos from Long Run Lake! (...from June)

Oh man guys, I have so much blogging and catching up to do. Like, it's not even funny how behind I am. But I guess I do have three crazy kiddos that keep me pretty busy...so that will be my excuse for now. Haha! 

These posts are going to be from waaaaay later than when they actually happened, and completely out of order, but hey. Better late than never, right? I just don't want to forget these moments. So here I go, posting away!! Bear with me. Even if I am posting about June in November. Haha! (But seriously. whoops.) 


When we lived in Louisville (see what I mean!? We've MOVED to a different city and I still have billions of things to blog about from before. Haha! Oh well.), one of my kids' very favorite places to spend the day was Long Run Park. There was a quiet, secluded lake, a playground, and a splash pad. It was pretty much perfect, and we spent lots of our early summer days just splashing in the lake.

So here are a few photos from Long Run Lake! And my gosh, even though these pictures were only taken five months ago, I cannot believe how much my boys have changed. Especially Holland!! He wasn't even walking. He was just a squishy little butterball, crawling around on the shore. Where does the time go?? 

^I mean really. Can you beat that view??^
^Fishin' with marshmallows and sticks. Nothing better!^
^Pure joy.^
^That baby bum!! He was so little. It's killing me!^

Okay, okay. Here's like a thousand of the cutest photos of Holland you'll ever see. Because HOW CAN I NOT SHARE THESE? Seriously though. He was so tiny and chunky and delicious. I can't get enough!
^Are you dying like I am?? Holy cow. I love this kid.^
^Little water buddies.^

The boys were so happy when Jordan could come to the lake with us one Saturday. They LOVE their daddy, and couldn't wait to show him their favorite spot. There's just something about a dad and his boys...it makes my heart kind of explode. So precious.

^Eyeballs made of hearts.^
^I don't even know what's happening here, but this pic of Holland kills me every time! Haha.^
^Losing faith in the fishing business.^
^I spy two little explorers.^
^I love these people.^
^Camden was convinced he could see creatures down there. Haha!^
^Perfect summertime.^

There is seriously nothing better than spending Kentucky summer days at the lake. We loved it so much this summer. 
And even though these pictures are from forever ago, I'm so glad I have them. 
Because I always want to remember those lazy, warm, happy summer days with my boys.

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