Family photos, Fall 2016!

Friends!! It's been at least a zillion years since I've blogged. And ohhh mannnn do I have a lot of catching up to do. But first, we just got our family pictures back from the amazing Jes Childress, and I had to share them. She was so awesome to work with, and used some insane magic talent to get happy faces on all of our boys. We seriously owe her one! 

Also, I'm nineteen weeks pregnant in these photos...so don't judge what looks like a food baby! Haha. Gotta love the awkward 'pregnant but looking mostly bloated?' phase. Whoop whoop! 

Anywho. I LOVE MY FAMILY. And these photos just kill me dead. 

^So classic. I love this so much..^
^Can you even handle this?? Oh man. These babies!^

Okay, now gear up for some of the cutest individual shots of the boys.
Seriously, you will DIE. Jes captured their personalities so well.
I'm obsessed!!!

First up, Holland Beck. Age: 18 months.
Favorites: Marshmallows, puppies, belly-tickles, yogurt, cheetos, and reading books.

Next up, Boston Emery. Age: 5 (going on 35).
Favorites: Superheroes, dinosaurs, chicken nuggets, drawing, baseball, and transformers.

Last but not least, Camden Race. Age:3.5.
Favorites: Paw Patrol, reading books, candy, "spicy drink" (rootbeer), puzzles, and squash. 

...and a few more of Holland. For good measure.
BECAUSE JUST LOOK AT HIM. I can't get enough!


Momma & her babies.

Daddy & the boys.

Jord and I.
I love when the photographer snaps a few photos of just the two of us. It's nice to remember where we began (...even if there are three and a half crazy kiddos in the mix now! haha). I love this man.

^There's that baby bump! 19 weeks.^
^ I lucked out with him. I really did.^

And, that's a wrap! 
Jes, thank you so much for these photos. We love, love, love them. 


For family photos from the past couple of years, click here:

(Most of the earlier family photos are on my Facebook page. I need to upload them to the blog asap!)

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