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It was so nice to be in Utah and see family for a whole week! We are lucky in that our families live fairly close to each other, so we can see everyone while we are there. We looooved spending time with the McMurtrey bunch in American Fork. The boys are obsessed with their uncles, and had a blast playing catch with them in the front yard.

One day we decided to drive down to Provo with the McMurtrey family and see some of our favorite places! (BYU, Y Mountain, the City Center Temple, Brick Oven, you know. The Provo classics!)

Jord and I lived in Provo for a few months when we were first married, so of course we had to stop at our first apartment. It brought back great memories of eating cheap meals on a card table, figuring out life as newlyweds, and trying to survive without air conditioning. Haha! Such good times.
^Y Mountain! Is it weird that I get teary-eyed when I see this?^
When in Provo, you MUST eat at Brick Oven!! Oh man, I seriously dream about the salad bar. And the homemade rootbeer! Soooo good.

Also, when I was standing in line at the pasta bar, I ran into none other than my favorite blogger ever, Nie Nie. Stephanie was the sweetest, and I was so honored to meet her after having followed her blog for like seven years and after reading her book twice! It was such a cool moment. Totally the highlight of my night!

And also, these boys. They were the highlight, too.
^The boys with cute Aunt Taly!^
^Horrible lighting. Cute brothers.^
While we waited for our food, the boys were enthralled with the balloon man that came to our table. Boston requested a bow and arrow, and Camden wanted a sword. Holland got a puppy that literally lasted one second, because he bit it and it popped immediately. Haha! #babies
^Watching the balloon guy intently. Also, THE HAIR. Oh my gosh. Little Orphan Annie!^
^Oh man. The intensity. He kills me!! haha^
After Brick Oven, we drove past the new LDS City Center Temple in downtown Provo. It was gorgeous! Hopefully one day we can make it back there and go inside. The kids kept saying "Wow! A castle!" as we drove past. It was adorable.

It was such a fun night. 

And since I'm trying to get caught up on my blog posts, we're not done yet! Haha. Bear with me!

One day we decided to head up the canyon with the McMurtrey fam to see all of the gorgeous Fall colors that were popping up. It was SO PRETTY. The boys played some baseball, Holland attempted to walk the dog, and it was such a fun afternoon.
^Post hair-cut! Finally. Isn't that better??^
^I'm dying over this photo...where I caught Jord doing a fancy pose. Haha! He's going to kill me for posting this.^
^The best we could do for a family photo.^
^Mr. Dimples!^
^So gorgeous!^
^I just parked my pregnant self in the shade and enjoyed the view!^

These photos of Holland trying to walk the dog are like the cutest things ever. I can't even handle my squishable boy!
^So freaking cute.^
We had to snap q photo of the boys with Grandma and Grandpa Mac before we headed back home! These boys adore their grandparents. So sweet!
^Potty break. (Sorry Boston. But you are really cute.)^
^Holland was tired after a long day in the sun. So precious.^
So much fun with the Mac family! We loved seeing them and spending so much time with them.
(Now come visit us in Kentucky again, guys!!)

More posts about Utah, coming up!

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