UTAH! Part IV.

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One of the highlights of our time in Utah was finding out the gender of our baby! I was fourteen weeks pregnant, so we pulled a sneaky and went to an Ultrasound place in the mall to get an early peek. We were both SO SHOCKED and excited to find out that we were having another boy!!

This pregnancy has been SO different from the others, so I was convinced it was a girl. (Also, our first tech at my 12 week ultrasound told us it was a girl. So that probably had some influence. haha!) But anyways, it was so fun to surprise our boys and families with a bunch of blue balloons! We are SO excited for a new little man to join our family.

Most of our extended family (on both sides) lives in Utah, so we tried to cram in as many visits as possible!! Living in Kentucky means we don't get to hang out with cousins and aunts and grandparents as much as we'd like, so we LOVED getting together with family while we were visiting.

My mom organized a barbecue at the park with her side of the family, and it was so fun to get together with everyone! My Great-grandpa Bellows was even able to make it, and it was great to see him. Such a sweet man.

^Five generations!^
^Some of the great grandkids (and great-greats!) with Grandpa Bellows^
Lucky for me, my cute cousin Courtney is a total photographer, and she captured some darling photos of my kiddos playing at the barbecue. (These next few pictures are taken by her!) I mean, come on. So cute.
^Camden Race! That dimple.^
^Oh my gosh, Holland. That hair!!^
^Boston man, squinty-eyed and sun-kissed.^
^My cute cousin Meggy with Holland^
^My cousin Matt with Boston^
^Grandpa Chub, Grandpa Bellows, and Grandpa Beardall with Jord and the boys!^
These next photos that Courtney snapped of my mom and Holland just KILL ME. So stinking cute!!

Do those not just melt your heart!? Oh man. Just precious!

It was so fun to get together with cousins and aunts that I never really get to see. We love those guys!

The next day, we snatched up another offer from my mom to babysit the kiddos, and we went on a temple date! The LDS Oquirrh Mountain Temple was gorgeous, and it was such a perfect way to start the day with Jordan. I love the temple. Afterwards, we hit up Cafe Rio. BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY.
^Can you hear the angels singing??? Because I can. SOOO GOOD.^
^My handsome date!^
Then we headed back home to the kiddos, only to find them completely oblivious that we were even gone. Grandparents are awesome like that!

Also, we took one look at Holland's mop of hair and we were like: LET'S DO THIS. It was majorly time for a hair cut!! We grabbed the scissors, and headed to the backyard to trim up his crazy locks.
^He couldn't even see through his hair. Poor guy!^
Just so you get the idea of how out of control things got, take a look at these before photos:
^INSANITY! haha^
Cutting a super active 18 month's old hair is quite the task, if you didn't already know. My mom did the cutting, while like twelve of us tried to pin him down/ feed him candy/ read him books/ distract him with iPhones. It was total chaos. But we did it!!
^the old distract-him-with-the-squirt-bottle trick^
Okay. Now you'd better gear up for some major heart eyes, because here are about one zillion photos of Holland, post hair cut. BECAUSE JUST LOOK AT HIM!!! Oh man, I was dying. That hair, plus that chunky baby bod...too much cuteness!
Oh my gosh, he's cute. And I'm SO SAD at how fast he's growing up!!
Luckily I have another little one coming to take his place as my "baby," because I am having serious emotional withdrawals over here.

Anyways, I think those chubby bod pictures are the perfect thing to end on.

(as you probably guessed...more Utah pics, coming up next!)

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