A perfect night at the Nature Park.

Remember how this month we've had freakishly warm weather?? (see this post for reference.) You guys. It has seriously been the craziest. But hey! We have loooooooved it! You'll never find me complaining about a warm winter. It's pretty much the best.

Temperatures have cooled down a little bit now, but about a week ago we had some of the warmest days ever, right in a row. One night when Jord got home from work, we threw the kids in the car and headed to the Nature Park here in Elizabethtown. With the walking trails, the streams, and the big grassy areas for the boys to run around, it's one of our favorite hangout spots when it gets warm outside. Here are some photos from our fun, low-key night together outside.

^"MOM! We found a huge river!!" --Boston^
^Love the Veteran's War Memorial at the Nature Park^

Holland got super into playing catch with Jordan for a while, and it was pretty much the cutest thing ever. You guys, I think Holland might like sports more than Boston. Which I thought could never happen. (Because have you ever met Boston?? That kid lives and breathes all things sports.) But Holland is OBSESSED! And I love it.
^Cutest ever.^

Meanwhile, Camden is still a speed demon on his scooter. He has been riding scooters since he was 18 months old...not even joking...and man, he is getting really good!!

He would scooter around 24/7 if he could.

We walked on the path over to the lake, and let the kids explore while we sat on the bench and talked about life. It was one of those good, quiet, satisfying moments as a parent that only come around every so often. And when they do, my gosh. We snatch them up!!
^Caught throwing rocks in the lake^
Then we went and grabbed some barbeque chicken pizzas for dinner. We drove with the windows down, singing along to the music, and it was awesome. Just a GOOD night.

You are spoiling us, Kentucky.

And I'm not mad about it. Not one bit.

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