Happy February! (making Valentines cards)

Can I get a what-whaaaaat for February?! I'm so happy it's here.

Because two things: 1) February means we're one step closer to Spring (!!!), and 2) February means we get to meet our new baby in ONE MONTH. Oh my gosh. I cannot even believe that. This pregnancy has gone by sooo much faster than the others. I guess chasing three boys around keeps me pretty busy and distracted! But seriously. I can't wait to meet this sweet baby.

Anyways. I love this month! Mostly I love Valentines Day, and I'm so happy that my kiddos are really starting to love it, too. We've been working on some homemade Valentines for our family back in Utah the last couple of days, and the boys are super into it. Now Holland is obsessed with hearts, and he's constantly asking me to cut some out for him.

"Momma, HOTS! HOTS!" (his way of yelling at me to make hearts. haha)

Valentines Day is the best. Here are some pictures of the boys, hard at work on their cards.
^He looks so OLD!!! It's killing me.^
^Such little goobers. I love them.^

Now here are one million photos of Holland decorating hearts. Because oh my gosh, he's cute.
His concentration in these just kills me!!
And his chubby hands. Those kill me too.
^THE SQUISHINESS!! I cannot handle it.^
^I mean, but really though. I LOVE HIM.^

My gosh, I love these boys. 
I'm so excited for more Valentines festivities with them! 
I may be biased, but I think they're the cutest little loves in town.

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