Today (...it was 69 degrees!)

Remember how last week, as in literally 7 days ago, I made this post about sledding in the snow and frigid weather? You guys, it was so cold. It was literally like 5 degrees in the morning, and 18 degrees at the warmest point of the day. It was fun playing in the snow for a bit, but I could feel myself going a little crazy, because it started to get too cold to go outside at all. The weather gods must have heard my whining, because Kentucky is suddenly having the weirdest batch of warm days in the middle of January.


SO NUTS!! We took full advantage of it, and the kids played outside and soaked in the great outdoors. We always go completely stir crazy in the winter, so it was awesome to get out and just let them run wild!! They did chalk on the driveway, scootered, skateboarded, and just played hard like little boys should. It was awesome.
^This crazy child! Haha I love you, Cam Bam.^
^He's looking waaaay too big these days.^
^Trying to figure out the scooter.^
^Bost is getting pretty good on that thing! Also, he's still obsessed with ninja turtles. He pretty much sleeps in that shell!^
^"Look mom! I'm not falling one bit!"^
^He is the sweetest kid ever.^

Jord was getting ready to head on the youth temple trip for the evening, but he came outside and the boys (Holland) begged him to shoot some hoops before he took off. He is the best dad. Seriously.

I could not have asked for better.
^HOLLAND'S FACE. Oh man, he loves his daddy.^
^Hey Jord, I love ya.^
^"Mom, look! I'm drawing me!" --Boston^
^"EH-PWANE!" (airplane)^
^Yep. I'm obsessed with him.^
^Speedster Camden! Seriously though. I can't get him to slow down.^
^A storm was coming!^
We played outside until the sky got dark and it started to sprinkle. Then we headed in for some dinner before prayers, snack, stories, and bedtime (the ritual) while it poured outside.

Days like this keep me sane. (Weather gods, if you're listening, send more days like this one please!)

I love being outside with my kiddos. They make life so fun.

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