Christmas Eve, 2016.

We had such a fun Christmas eve this year! We started our day by heading to Main Event Fun Center, which is pretty much the kids' favorite thing on the planet. It's an arcade/ bowling alley with games and prizes, and they loooooove it! If I ever ask them, "What should we do today, guys?" their answer is almost always "MAIN EVENT!!" haha.

We were pretty much the only ones there, and it was awesome. We had a blast!

^Helping daddy shoot the basketballs^
^Holland was a little dangerous with the ski-balls. He was chucking them (hard!) in every direction! haha^
^The motorcycles are Camden's favorite. "I wanna ride the BWOO one, momma!^
After we had played our hearts out and won some awesome prizes (random, obscure toys that were lost within five minutes) at Main Event, we headed to Texas Roadhouse for some lunch! Because nothing says Christmas eve like peanuts and Steak, right? haha. But really, I don't think Texas Roadhouse is ever a bad idea. I love it.

Please just take a moment to die over these photos of Jord and Holland. I CAN'T HANDLE THEM! Holland is the biggest daddy's boy ever, and it is pretty freaking cute.

After we ate, we headed home to get things ready for our Christmas Eve night! But first, we napped. Well, more like we crashed on the couch as the kids watched Elf and ran around like crazy animals. #theparentlife #glamorous

The boys made cookies for Santa while I got dinner ready, and somehow Holland ended up shirtless? I don't know. But I'm not complaining, because look at that chubby body! Oh man, I love fat babies.
^FAVORITE EVER. Seriously, I love him.^
^Peanut butter kisses. Santa's fave!^
Then we had a fun dinner of finger foods, and the kids kept us entertained with their complete craziness (as usual). Being a mom really is the best.

Crazy face time!! You vote on who wins:
^And then somehow Camden was shirtless? Oh man. I have no control. haha^
We got cleaned up after dinner, got the boys in their Christmas jammies, and got ready for Santa to come! We read some books, and did our traditional ornament countdown before we tucked everyone in bed.
^Crazy little elves!^
^Santa baby!^

Jord and I stayed up watching It's a Wonderful Life, just like we do every year, while finishing up some last minute wrapping and prep. It was a perfect way to end a fun Chrismas Eve!

We finally went to sleep, and couldn't wait for the kiddos to wake up the next day! Christmas is SO much fun with kiddos. 

(A post all about Christmas day, coming up next!)

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