Snow Day!

Today we finally got some snow!! I say "finally" like I was greatly anticipating it or something, but if you know me at all, you know that that definitely wasn't the case. I was praising the heavens for every randomly warm day this winter, and will for the rest of my life. Haha! What can I say...I am a warm weather girl, through and through. 

But for my kids' sake, I wanted the snow to come. I wanted them to be able to experience the magic! I wanted them to enjoy sledding with puffy snow pants, making snowballs, and then come inside to some warm hot chocolate after a fun day in the snow. So for them, I was glad today happened. Because it was really fun! They seriously loved it.
^Holland's like, Uh mom? Why am I wearing your gloves? haha. Sorry, buddy. #thirdkidprobs^

P.S., Kentucky kind of freaks out about snow. (and that's an understatement. Haha!) Today they cancelled school because of the dangerous roads and excessive snowfall...and we literally got 1/2 an inch. It's hilarious to me, because being from Utah, I NEVER remember school shutting down for snow. Even when we got several feet of the stuff! Haha. Man, I love Kentucky.

The only time we got actual CRAZY snow in Kentucky that I can remember was a couple of years ago when we lived in Lexington, and we were literally snowed into our house. It was crazy! (See photos of that, here!)

But anyways. The older boys were sledding MACHINES today! The fact that we only had like 1/2 an inch of snow didn't stop them from sledding their little hearts out...even it was mostly on grass by the end. Haha. They were in heaven.
^Gotta love that Camden is sledding with a sword. I mean, doesn't everyone?^
Meanwhile, Holland was still trying to figure out how he felt about the snow. He stomped around and said "Snow? Snow?" with a super confused look on his face. Haha! But he got the hang of it after a little bit, and he was playing with the big boys in no time.
^Oh man, I can't get over this kid.^
^His cheeks! If you meet them in person, you will understand why I'm always kissing them.SO SQUISHY.^
^I spy a tiny Camden speck!^
^Little explorers^
^Eating snow! And yep, those are socks on his hands. His other gloves got soggy, so he went with this as a 2nd option! haha^

^Holland Beck! You're killing me!^
We had such a fun snow day. It was freezing (like 20 degrees!), and there wasn't a whole lot of snow, but the kids seriously had the time of their lives.

My boys make everything magical. Even snow.

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