Texas Girls Trip 2016: THE VIDEO!

Remember back in May when I went on a girls trip to Texas with my mom and sister?? 

I know it was about a zillion years ago, so here are a few pics for a refresher:

Oh man, you guys. It was SUCH a fun time! Best birthday trip ever. 

(If you want to see my blog posts about it with all sorts of pics and details, go here: Waco & Magnolia, everything Dallas, and McKinney)

But any who... I FINALLY made a video of our trip! It was so fun to go back and remember all of those fun/ funny memories. Now I'm ready for another trip! haha. (P.S., Jordan is the movie making expert in our family, so this is the first one I've ever done! It may be a little rough, but it was so fun to make!)


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