A slow, easy weekend.

This past weekend we didn't do anything fancy. We went to the park, hung out watching movies at home on Friday night, and just kind of loved doing not much at all. We also drove to Louisville on Saturday for some shopping and some Chipotle, because let's be honest: I WAS NEEDING CHIPOTLE IN MY LIFE. Oh man, I love it. (The baby needs it?)

Then on Sunday, we went to church. I love church right now. We're in the sweet spot where all of our kids are in nursery/ Primary, so we actually get to enjoy church and usually feel spiritually uplifted when we leave (and trust me...with little bambinos, that isn't always the case. haha!). Pretty soon I'll be hanging out in the mother's lounge feeding our new babe like 90% of the time, which means Jord will be battling all three big boys during sacrament by himself (sorry babe!). But right now, church is pretty awesome! 

Boston gave a talk in Primary, and it was pretty much the cutest thing ever. I'll put the video at the end of this post, because it's just precious. (I know, I know, I'm a rebel for filming him during church. But trust me, it was worth it.)

Sunday was gorgeous outside, so after church the boys played outside while I finished up dinner. It's those moments where they're all playing in the driveway in their church clothes where I just look around and think, "How did I get so lucky? How is this my life??" Because my gosh, it's a good one.

Anyways. Here are some photos of our rather uneventful (but good!) weekend. 
^Typical daredevil Camden...going head first down the slide^
^Hey mom, look! I'm a bat!^

The park we went to had a "Free Little Library," so the boys each picked a book to take home when we were done playing. They thought it was the coolest thing ever! I cracked up at what they picked: Boston chose an aircraft carrier catalog, and Camden chose a thousand year old book about a horse. Haha. Hey, whatever makes them happy!

Speaking of books, we spent some time at the bookstore on Saturday letting the kids explore and read... as we tried to come up with some possible baby names. Why is picking a name so stressful?? (Maybe because we are on our FOURTH boy name! haha. But seriously.)

And speaking of baby...here's a 35 week bump picture! I can't believe I'm this pregnant. The time has FLOWN by this time around! As you can see, my belly is pretty much large and in charge these days. Baby boy is getting SO big in there!

After some shopping, we came home and crashed on the couch for a bit before heading out to a friend's for dinner. Holland was especially snuggly, and I LOVED every second of it.

Perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon, if you ask me!
^Camden tends to watch movies with bowls on his head? I don't even know.^

 I tried to snap some pre-church photos of my cute kiddos all dressed up, which is always a task. The pictures I get are usually pretty hilarious!! Here's a few, just to give you an idea:
^Oh man, I love them.^
Then, some after church playtime!
Camden kills me in these photos. He suddenly looks like a teenager!
^Ninjago pose with his Ninjago shirt. He's just a tad intense. Haha^

Also, at some point Holland came out wearing flippers saying, "SHOES! SHOES!" haha.
 He is weird and really cute. I love him.

Such a great weekend. I love the slow, happy days we can spend all together, just hanging out. 
Life is good. Oh, and here is that cute video I promised of Boston's Primary talk! Crank up the volume, because it's pretty precious.

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