horseshoe park (and thoughts on change).

It's suddenly hitting me just how drastically things are about to change in our family. Adding a new baby is always SO incredible, but it does tend to shake things up a bit for everyone. Especially the little kiddos. Because you know, their mom is suddenly super tired and hormonal. And she's also tethered to a newborn 24/7, who is pretty much just a tiny pooping, crying, eating machine. And so their like, "Uhhh, where did our normal mom go?"

It's a big transition for the poor little guys.

So I've really been trying to soak up all of this time with my three boys before things change in a big way for them (and me!). We've been trying to get to the park more, read more books together, color together, and just have fun together. It has been so good for us. They really are the sweetest boys ever. And even when they drive me mad, I love them.

Here are some photos from a day we spent outside at Horseshoe Park together.
^Cam, in his happy place.^

These next photos of Holland running in his skinny little sweats just kill me. His chubby body!!
My gosh. I just can't get over it.
He's so hefty, and I loooooooove it. (Except when I try to lift him with my giant belly. Woof!)
^Explorer Boston, always finding rocks to bring home.^
^Seriously though. Still dying over that physique.^
^Parked on the bench with my big ol' belly!^
^Seriously. He would live on the swings outside.^
^Someone found a worm!^
These next few photos are my favorite.
I can't believe these boys will have a FOURTH amigo in their crew soon.
Man, I love them.
^Heart Explosion.^
Then Camden was like, "Bost! Let's climb the fence!" (he's always the crazy one)
And Boston was like, "It looks pretty tall, but okay!!"  (peer pressure)
Which is usually how their mischief begins together. Because they're hooligans.
But hey, they're cute.

I'm grateful for these slow, simple days with my three guys. 
Because pretty soon, things are about to completely change, and I will miss this. 

(But also, we can't WAIT to meet baby brother!!!!! Four and a half weeks!!)

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