Fort Knox.

A couple of weeks ago, we ventured over to Fort Knox to help one of Jordan's Young Men (from church) with his Eagle Scout project. Fort Knox is just down the road from us here in Elizabethtown, so we thought it would be fun to bring our boys and show them where all the gold was kept. They were super into it...thanks to the Penguins of Madagascar movie. #hoorayfornetflix #butseriously

^The best picture I got of the entrance...through the windshield. Haha^
^The vault where the gold is kept^
There wasn't much to see, but hey. The kids thought it was cool, and they loved helping the older boys hang up bird houses for the Eagle Project.

They love feeling like they're one of the big kids!  And I have to admit, it's pretty cute to watch them try and help.
^Obviously a sword was necessary here^
^So proud of the birdhouses they helped to hang up!^
Since it was pretty chilly outside, Holland and I mostly hung out in the parked car with the heat cranked. He pretty much sat in the driver's seat and pushed every button with glee while we waited for the other boys to get done.

He is cute. I can't believe that he's almost a big brother. INSANITY!
^love this crazy nugget^
After we were done, we headed to the classiest joint in town to get some dinner: Burger King. Because you know what? Sometimes BK onion rings are all you need in life.
On the way we saw the most GORGEOUS sunset ever, and I had to take some photos. So dreamy!

I love this Kentucky life of ours.
It's simple, and it's random, and it's pretty awesome.

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