January's Little Moments.

I always take a zillion photos, and then I have nowhere to put them. It's a real problem. My picture folders are constantly overflowing on my laptop, and I've just got all sorts of iPhone pics coming out of my ears. Haha! But seriously. Good thing I have this blog to dump them all onto, right? Thumbs up emoji!

There are always a bunch of random pictures sitting on my phone that I never get around to posting on the blog during the month, so I figured I'd post some of my favorites right here from January.

So random photos from last month, coming up! (And just a heads up...these are in no kind of order. Like, in any sense. I just slapped them down and called it good. So gird your loins!)
^He's my favorite.^
^Basketball buns!!^
^Sooooo many good sunsets in January!^
^The belly at 32 weeks!^
^A typical day at the McMurtrey home.^
^Dinner with the missionaries! We love these guys. Elder Haws and Elder Parks!^
^That time when Holland boycotted his nap^
^"Me and you! On top of a lot of Easter eggs." --Camden, age three.^
^"It's you, me, and daddy." --Camden. (I have awesome orange hair.)^
^"Mom! It's you, and it's a camel." --Boston, age 5.^
^Perfect weather, in January.^
^Handsome Cam.^
^Love this profile. He is the most squishy!^
^Some casual coloring.^
^Donuts for breakfast!^
^Be still my heart.^
^Another amazing sunset!^
^Staying up past bedtime to watch football with dad.^
^Welcome to Kentucky. Haha!^
^My handsome dudes on a Sunday!^
^Took a screenshot of this because I loved it so much.^
^Red Mango date with my boys!^
^Super Cam^
^Holland with a drink the size of his body^
^Just chillin' up on the table.^
^Playing in the snow! ...The one time that we got it this month. Haha^
^Saying goodbye to one of our favorite missionaries ever on a transfer, Elder Haws! (plus a 31 week baby belly)^
^Grandma & Grandpa Gillman's Christmas package came!^
^Playing with their spoils. Holland hasn't let this bear out of his sight since!^
^Tubby brothers.^
^Sweetest bath time boy.^
^Awesome photos of baby boy #4 from our 32 week ultrasound!^
^Playing outside in some more awesome weather!^
^Boston's face kills me in this. Pure joy!^
^Chillin' at Target.^
^Quiet time with Cam, just watching a movie.^
^Feeling the baby kick! Camden gets so giddy about this. It's SO stinking adorable.^
^Love this guy.^
^Library date with the kiddos!^
^I forgot how little he looked pre-haircut. It makes me so sad!!^
^"Can I hoed yo hand, momma?" --Cam^
^"Baby! Baby!" --Holland^
^Always just total chaos around here.^
^MY LIFE. hahaha^
^Date night out for Thai food!^
^Yummy drunken noodles^
^He's handsome.^
^Coolest photo I've ever captured.^
^Pre-church photo with my handsome boys, and a 33 week belly. (Daddy was at church meetings)^
^Oh man, I really love him.^
^Boston brought this home from church. This was the front...^
^...and this was the back. Hashtag, life with boys. Haha!^
^Snapchat puppy filter for the win!^
^They are my world.^
^Doing some Valentines prep at the end of January. Holland was super into the stuffed animals. Haha!^

Well, there you have it! A random assortment of our January.
And as far as January's go, it was a pretty great one.

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