Freeman Lake Park.

During the weirdly warm (and awesome!) January weather we had, we spent all the time we could at the different parks around Elizabethtown. The boys would pretty much live outside and play at the park if they could, so it was nice to be able to get out with them so much.

One of their favorite parks is Freeman Lake Park. It sits right on the edge of the lake, and has an awesome purple dinosaur toy that they are all OBSESSED with.

Here are some photos of a morning we spent playing there.
^Love this Camden man.^
^Making "chocolate milk" in the giant puddle!^
^Baby bump! (Thirty-something weeks in this photo)^
^Mr. Brown Eyes! And a mouth covered in mud. Because of course!^
^This Boston boy. He is one of a kind!^
^Just had to capture Cam's awesome fuzzy hair. It is pretty epic.^
^Cutest little bug.^
^Sign of a park day well spent.^

I'm so glad that we've been able to get out and about so much this winter. It's seriously been so good for my soul.

Also, little boys are the best.

The digging for treasure, the exploring, the playing in mud... everything. Being a boy mom is so fun!

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