Family Photos with the Gillmans! (Corona Del Mar, CA)

My family is kind of spread out all over the place, so we were thrilled when it worked out for ALL of them to join us on our trip to California!! We couldn't wait to hang out with them, and they couldn't wait to see they boys. It was seriously SO much fun. (Don't worry, I'll post a million Disneyland and beach pictures soon! The best.)

With my sister and brother-in-law living in Texas, us in Kentucky, and the rest of my family in Utah, it is seriously once in a blue moon that all of us are able to get together in one place. We figured that we'd better seize the day and get some family photos on the beach while we were in California, and I'm so glad we did!

The beach (at Corona Del Mar) where we took these photos was absolutely GORGEOUS, and the photos turned out perfect. I'll always cherish them! 

^The Gillman/ Minetto/ McMurtrey clan!^
The photographer shot a few photos of just mine and Jordan's family, and they are some of my favorite pictures in the world. I sometimes have to pinch myself that I have FOUR little boys, and I'm married to my dream guy. Like, how did this even happen?? I am so lucky.
^I love them^

^I kind of like him--a lot.^

Now for some pictures of my cute siblings!

I am the oldest of four kids, and I have the coolest sisters, brother, and brother-in-law. Love them so much!
^Syd and Ty^
^And a cute baby boy on the way!!! Can't wait!!^
And my parents!

Love these guys. And our kids just adore them! They are the best grandparents.
^Holland! Haha^

I love these close-ups the photographer got of each of our boys. So precious!
Also, who gave them permission to grow up so much??
^Boston Emery. He's going into first grade in the Fall. WHAT^

^Camden Race. He'll be a kindergartner in August!^
^Heart melted.^

^Holland Beck. Possibly doing preschool in the Fall? (I can't decide if I can part with him quite yet!!)^

^King Brighton James McMurtrey. He's not leaving me until he's 35.^
^Grandpa Chub & Brights!^
And now for some sibling shots!

I love these guys.

^Cam and Grandma. Sweetest ever.^
^Love these people.^

I'm so glad we captured these moments on the beach. 
Family photos are hardly ever easy, but to me, they are ALWAYS worth it!

I'm so grateful for my little family, and for my big Gillman family, too. 
(And for my McMurtrey family!! See photos with them, here.)

We are so lucky!

**Photographer for this session: Caitlyn Cody

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