Camden's FIFTH Birthday!

I can't believe that our little Camden man just turned FIVE! Holy cow, where does the time go?? I swear he was just a teeny tiny baby...and now he's going into Kindergarten in the Fall. It is the craziest thing ever. 

He is getting so big!
^Camden Race, my big five year old!^
Before we jump into his birthday photos, can we please just pause for a second to look at cute baby Cam?? Because what would a birthday post be without a little reminiscing?

I'm a mom. I can't help it. Haha!
^Two days after he was born. THAT HAIR!^

^Dead over that little beach bod^

Oh my gosh. I mean, was he not the cutest baby/ toddler you have ever seen?? Those dimples alone! He has always had a way of making me melt into a giant puddle with his simple and snuggles. 

Okay, now moving on to his fifth birthday!! 

He wanted to go to the splash pad on his actual birthday, so that's just what we did. We hung out in the sun all day, and then had some strawberry shortcake to celebrate that night. 

We had a big friend birthday party a few days later, and it was so much fun! 
^So excited to be five!!^

^He loves art, and was so excited to get a new art set from Uncle Ty and Aunt Syd!^
Now for the main event...THE FRIEND PARTY. Woo hoo!!

It was rainy and wet the day we planned to have his party, so we held it in the church gym, and it ended up being a blast!! Boston was bummed that he had to miss it (it was a school day for him, and not for Cam), but we saved him a cupcake and he was a happy camper.

I had some games planned, but it basically just turned into the kids running around, popping balloons, and whacking each other with pool noodles. And it was awesome. Cam said it was his favorite party he's ever had!
^"Five" cupcake cake!^
^Getting ready for the obstacle course!^

Then we tried to get a picture with all the kiddos... and well, you know how that goes. Haha!
But they were such a cute bunch!
^Brighton was in heaven with all of the balloons!^
I had the kids pretend to wrap Cam up with streamers like they were catching a bad guy, and they loved it! Camden thought it was funny for a minute, but then he was like, "Get dis OFF of me!!" haha

After that, we had some pizza, and then it was time for the pinata!
A pinata is usually the only thing that my kids request for their birthday parties.
Cam's been wanting a Power Ranger one for weeks, so he couldn't WAIT to crack that thing open!!
^I'm five, mom. Now let me eat my pizza!^

^Brighton kept crawling around taking bites out of all the other kids' pizza. I mean, at least he's cute?^

 Then it was time for presents and cupcakes!

(Don't ask how many cupcakes I taste-tested when I baked them the night before.)

We had SO much fun celebrating our Camden boy turning five!!


You are the sweetest boy in the world. You are smart, creative, funny, and kind. You have the biggest heart, and you are such a good brother to Boston, Holland, and Brights. We can't wait to watch you grow and develop more and more each year as you keep having more birthdays!!

We love you so much, little Cammers!


Mom and Dad

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