Kadan + Lindsay's wedding!

The big reason for our recent trip out to Utah (see more photos here, here, and here) was to attend Jordan's brother's wedding! We are SO thrilled for Kadan and his new wife Lindsay, and it was so amazing to be there to celebrate their big day. Kadan is the best, and we're so happy that he found his perfect match in Lindsay. We love her!

They got married in the Salt Lake City LDS temple, and it was just beautiful.

Luckily my parents were able to come and watch the kiddos while we attended the ceremony, and then help chase them around the temple while we took photos with the wedding party. They were a HUGE help to us! Weddings are so fun and exciting, but pretty exhausting for little guys.

It was such a great day!

(The professional photos are still being edited, so here are some photos we captured on our iPhones of the big day!)
^Our family, May 2018^

^I had to include this one too. Because the hand kiss! And the muscles! So cute.^

^Love this guy. And my $5 dress!! So proud of that find.^

^It was a perfect day at the Salt Lake Temple. So gorgeous!^
^The new Mr. and Mrs. McMurtrey!^
Newlyweds are just the cutest. It was so fun watching them come out of the temple! They are so happy together.

We found our kiddos after the ceremony, and chased them around for a bit while we waited to take some photos with the wedding party. Luckily it was a gorgeous day, so the boys loved playing on the grass and just running around outside. 
^Luckily my mom knows how to put on a boutonniere, because I am clueless! haha^
^Hanging out with the groom. These boys love their uncle Kadan!^

^Giving grandma kisses. DEAD over this one.^

^All he wants to do is crawl!^

^So over it.^
^Love this wedding date of mine! He is so handsome.^

We went to a beautiful family luncheon after the wedding with our little third wheel (Brighton), and my parents took our kiddos to a much more kid-friendly place (Del Taco). Haha. But seriously...so grateful that my parents could watch them. It worked out so great!

That evening, we headed over to the reception for a bit. I'm pretty sure the kids ate at least five cookies each. Haha!
^I wanted a cute brothers picture, but Brighton was not having it. Haha!^

^I asked him to smile and he gave me this. CAN'T HANDLE THE FACE. Haha!^

^Love these little hooligans!^
When we got up to see Kadan and Lindsay in the line, the boys basically just attacked them.
Haha... feel the love!

They are such good sports with our crazy boys.

We were so happy to be in Utah for Kadan and Lindsay's wedding. They are the cutest couple, and the kids are so excited to have a new aunt.

What a great day!!

Family time is just the best.

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