Boston's photography, part II.

Remember when Boston gave me the cutest pouty face in the history of the earth and asked to use my camera? And so obviously, I let him? Well, he did so great on that first round of pictures  that I thought I would commission him for another job. So profesh.

And I must say, he is getting to be quite good. Like, hire-able for weddings, perhaps? I think so.

I mean, look at the angles he uses. So fierce. So modern.

Oh also, I've captioned these photos as usual, per Boston's request (not really) (just go with it).

"The duck-pout daddy"
"Train table at sunrise"

"Bananas and lens cap: A still life"
"Through the smeared window"
"Hey, dat my ball, momma"
And lastly, "Momma creepin"

So, your thoughts? Some definite photographer potential, no? 

Let's face it--the boy has talent. 

And if not in photography, in spaghetti-flinging. 
I can say that much for sure.


  1. Okay your house looks adorable! But I don't think we've gotten an official tour yet?! I vote that should be an upcoming post! Also, Boston is pro! Do you think we could fly him out here to take some updated family pictures?! ;)

  2. girl you are killing me with these captions. like train table at sunrise? you should make a magazine hahahah