Holland's first month

The first little bit of Holland's life was kind of a whirlwind. When Holland was born, we didn't know where we would be moving, or what we would be doing quite yet, and it was a little crazy. Then we went to Utah, and Jordan moved us out of our house...so I think the stress of it all definitely contributed to my lack of blogging! Haha. He came at a perfect time, though. His calm personality was just what we needed in our home. (And it still is!)

We just adore him.

Here are some of my favorite photos from Holland's first month!

(I did a full post of photos from the hospital here, but I'm also including some precious iPhone photos in this post. Because new babies!! Can you really over-post their cuteness??)

^^Just minutes old. So precious!^^
^^Proud daddy!^^
^^7 lbs, 8 oz. My smallest (but earliest) baby!^^
^^That face!^^

^^We were so lucky to have Aunt Jordan here when Holland was born! This is when she came to the hospital the day after he arrived.^^
^^Asleep. And so stinking adorable.^^

^^I always love spending a couple of days in the hospital with just me and the new baby, but it is nice to go home and be together as a family again!^^
^^That tiny jammie bum! I can't handle it.^^
^^Camden was smitten with his baby brother, "Bebee Tollin."^^
^^"Mom, why is he so tiny?" -Boston^^
^^I think Cam may have struggled a tad not being the baby any more. But that's just a hunch.^^
^^Boston drew this sweet picture of his new brother. He said, "See that squiggle on top? That's his fuzzy hair. And those round things are his chubby cheeks. And that little thing in his body is his heart!"  I mean, talk about precious.^^

^^Brotherly love. The very best!^^

^^Grandma Gillman!^^
^^Grandma Mac!^^
^^My sweet little family on Holland's blessing day, and Mother's Day!^^
^^Grandma & Grandpa Gillman!^^
^^Grandma & Grandpa Mac, and Aunt Taly!^^
^^The whole bunch!^^
^^Jordan gave Holland SUCH a beautiful blessing. I am so grateful that he is the man I married!!^^
^^Little handsome boy in a tiny tweed suit!^^

^^Smooshy faces are my favorite.^^
^^"Mom, that was so nice of you for getting us baby Holland." --Boston^^
^^Loves from Camden boy.^^
^^I love these babies!^^
^^Boston cuddled up next to Holland like this and said, "Mom, take a picture of us and send it to Camden!" (as if Camden has a phone. Haha!^^
^^This photo was from the night that Holland and I spent in the hospital, when he stopped breathing. It was terrifying, and I hope to never have to do that again! Thankfully he is big and healthy now.^^
^^So heart breaking. A tiny boy in a hospital bed should never have to happen!^^

^^I flew to Utah with the babies, and Holland LOVED all of the attention from family when we got there. P.S., He was a champ on the plane!^^
^^This photo was taken in my parent's backyard on the day that Holland turned one month old. Isn't he precious?^^

And there you have it. A few glimpes of Holland's first month!
And I know, I know...this seemed like a zillion photos, but this wasn't even half of them. Haha! New babies are just irresistible. I can't NOT take pictures of them! Especially my own children. Because of course.

We are so happy to have our little Holland Beck. I can't believe he is already four and a half months old now! It seems like he has tripled in size (at least!) since these one month photos. Guys, the kid is huge!! And I'm so glad. I like 'em squishy!

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