Summer Trip 2016 (Part III): Tybee Island Lighthouse

 On our third day in Savannah, we woke up bright and early, and we headed to the Tybee Island Lighthouse! It is seriously the cutest thing ever.

We didn't go in and walk to the top like we did last time we were there (see more here!)...because I am TERRIFIED of heights and I had no interest in recreating that memory. Haha! But seriously. Even the thought of those narrow, twisty stairs makes me sweat!

Haha. We opted to stay on solid ground this time and get a couple of photos. Then we were off to Tybee Island's beach!

^So picturesque!^
^Sailor Holland.^
^he's a cool cat.^
^This is how I feel about the beach too, Holland!^
^Livin' the life. (sorry that you're eating a Cheeto right here, Jord.)^
^Classic Boston. Haha!^
^My gosh, I love this little bean!!^
^They did this for hours. It was glorious.^
^I just cannot get over how blonde his hair got in the sun. AMAZING.^
^Trying out the water^
^Yup, he hated it. Haha!^
^Boston wanted to be 'sand Batman'!^
^Cam wanted to be a "Mer-pup" (Paw Patrol)^

When we were finally all tuckered out from the beach, we headed back to Savannah to get cleaned up for dinner. But on the way, I saw a sign for "fresh Georgia peaches"...so obviously we had to stop for those! Amazing.

Then we went back to our place, got ready, and went to on of our favorite spots in Savannah: Sweet Potatoes Cafe! If you are ever in Savannah, YOU MUST GO. The home cooked meals are incredible, and the banana pudding is what dreams are made of. Sooooo gooooood.

(Side note: If you go back to that blog post from two years ago, you'll see that we went to Sweet Potatoes after Tybee Island then, too! We became obsessed with it then, and made sure to recreate the day this time. I even accidentally wore the same swimming suit. I mean, that's dedication! Haha)

^Yay! All the sand is finally off of my bum!^
^I got the fried catfish, sweet potato with almond cinnamon butter, greens, & a fresh biscuit. AMAZING.^
^This is the best picture I could get of the banana pudding...because it was literally gobbled up in two seconds flat.^

Last time we were at Sweet Potatoes, I took some photos of Boston on this cute rainbow bench. So obviously I had to recreate them with Bost and Cam this time!

Man, it's crazy how fast they grow up. They are cute little trouble-makers, aren't they?

After dinner, we went back to our place to turn in for the night. We got some cute photos on the steps of the house, first, because YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH PHOTOS. (at least that's my motto) (my husband disagrees)

^These boys love Grandma and Papa Mac!^
^Silly picture! (Boston's face kills me. Haha!^
^Obviously we ended the day with Blue Bell. Because when in the South!!!^

Such a good day in the hot Georgia sun. 
You'd better believe more photos are coming your way soon!

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