UTAH. Part V!

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Our visit to Utah happened to coincide with the Utah State Fair, so of course we had to hit that up! You know me, I can never pass up fried food and overpriced kiddo games. Haha! (But really though. I secretly love fairs and carnivals. Don't judge!)

Grandma and Grandpa Gillman and Aunt Syd wanted to take the kids, so we made a day of it! We had a blast. The boys still talk about it!

Our first stop? The petting zoo and pony rides!
^Just look at that dimpled smile. Pure joy!^
^He loves his Aunt Syd.^
^Holland thought every animal was a puppy. He would point and bark at everything! haha^
^Cute Cam with a cute baby goat!^
^Probably more pointing and barking. haha and his hair! (This was obviously pre-hair cut)^
^Peeking in at the cute little chicks!^
After the petting zoo, we wandered through the booths for a bit, and Grandpa Chub bought the boys some fun toys! Also, I bought myself some dippin' dots. Because I'm obsessed. Totally worth the eight bucks!! (But seriously.)
^Crazy Cam!^
^Come to mama.^
Then it was time for some games! My boys are OBSESSED with carnival games. Something about the thrill of winning a prize that they can pick out, all by themselves. They were in heaven!
^Prizes with Aunt Syd!^
^Fun Slide with Gma and Gpa! Also, Camden's face. He loved it!!^
^Super terrible photo quality, but come on. Just look at their faces!!^
After the fair, we were all starving! So we walked down the road a bit to Red Iguana (a Salt Lake City classic!). It was soooo good. I love Kentucky, but man. They are definitely missing out in the Mexican food department. Whenever we're in Utah, I basically try and eat Mexican food for every meal!! haha.

Red Iguana was so good. It hit the spot after a long day at the fair!

Later on, we went over to my best friend from high school's house for dinner! It was so fun to see her and her new hubby's place, and they made us the yummiest dinner while our kids played Mario Cart. It was awesome!

It's always good to see the Snyders!! We sure love those guys. It was such a fun night with them!

Okay and these next two photos are totally out of order and random, but I just have to post them. Because oh man, Holland on a tiny John Deere tractor. With a man bun. It's too good not to post! haha.

Haha, I told you they were good!

Anyways, back to food. (Because you know, priorities.)
The next day we woke up and headed to Gandolfo's, which was a major staple during second period in high school for both me and Jord. We miss Gandi's so much!!

Afterwards, my mom, Sydney, and I all took the boys bowling. It was so fun.
^Drooling. My perfect breakfast, right here!^
^I love Cam's intense pose here. He was into it!^
^Check out those ringlets!! Amazing.^

So much fun! Later on, we hung out in my parent's backyard, played a little wiffle ball, and grilled up some food for dinner. The sun was setting, it was warm, and it was the perfect summer night to eat outside. Summer nights in Utah just can't be beat.
^My mom's famous teriyaki chicken & homemade sweet and sour sauce. So good!^
The next day we got all cleaned up and headed off to church!

We tried to enjoy our last full day in Utah, before we had to head home early the next morning. The day before a trip ends is always the hardest! But it was such a good day spent with family.

We had SO much fun in Utah with family. I'm so glad we made the trip out.
Our kids are already asking when we'll go back to see the grandparents! Lucky for them, we have TWO weddings to go to next year, so we will be heading back in the Spring and Fall. So exciting! 

The last blog post about this road trip (with photos from the looooong ride home) will be up next!

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