Boston's SEVENTH birthday!

I don't know how it's possible, but Boston just turned seven years old. SEVEN!! How in the actual heck did seven years go by so fast?? I can't even take it.

But it happened, and we had the absolute BEST day celebrating him!!
Hold on though-- I think we'd better look at some of his baby pictures before we move on to more birthday pictures.. You know, just so my momma heart can handle things a little bit better. Because I'm just a tad in denial that my oldest baby is SO HUGE.

So here are some photos of teeny tiny Boston!

^Favorite of ALL TIME^
How did he go from that, to THIS??
Seriously, it just blows my mind how old he is looking these days. I keep telling him he's not allowed to keep growing up, but it somehow keeps not working.

He went back and forth for the longest time about his birthday party theme, going anywhere from a ninja party, to a sports party, to a Jurassic Park party...and then finally settled on a High School Musical themed party! We are pretty obsessed with that movie right now at our house, and honestly, I couldn't have been more thrilled about the theme. (Did you know I auditioned to be a dancer in HSM II?? It's true! haha) We're all huge HSM fans, so it was seriously so fun to plan the party!!

Also, my super talented friend made Boston an AMAZING High School Musical cake, and it made his life. It was so awesome!!
^With my friend Carla, who made his amazing cake!^
^Is this not the cutest??^
We set up a little "concession stand" for Boston's movie watching party, and it was so fun! We had bags of popcorn, candies, and all sorts of other sugary things.

The kids each got a few tickets to "buy" their snacks for the movie, and they thought it was the greatest thing ever. Nothing like giving everybody a bunch of candy, topping it off with cake, and then sending them home to their parents. Haha!
^My concession stand helper^
^Sucker for Brights!^
^Cutest Cammer!^
Once all the kids had picked their treats, they settled in on some blankets and chairs to watch the movie!

One of the things we wanted to cross off on our summer bucket list was a movie party with friends, so they were so excited to do this for Boston's party. So much fun!
We took a little intermission to open presents and grab some more snacks. Then we finished off the party with cake and cupcakes!!
It was such a fun High School Musical party for our Boston boy!!

We're so thankful to all of his awesome friends who came, brought him gifts, and made him feel so loved and special on his big day.

Best party ever. 
^I love him.^
After we had cleaned up, we headed to get some dinner! The birthday boy picked one of his favorite places, Texas Roadhouse, and we were definitely all okay with that. (THE ROLLS. Man, I could eat them every day. So good!)

Then we headed home to do some family gifts before bed. We surprised Boston with his first ever bike for his birthday, and he was SO excited!! He took off immediately, and is now already riding without training wheels. He loves it, and he's a natural. He cruises around with the neighborhood kids, and it is still so weird for me that he's old enough to do that. Haha!
^Trying it out for the first time^
^Watching big brother ride his bike all around!^

^Heart EXPLOSION. This boy loves his dad so much.^
My favorite part of the night was when Camden gave Boston the birthday present he had picked out for him, all by himself-- a whoopie cushion. Haha!

Boston loved it, and all of the boys were just giggling and giggling forever. Just the cutest.

We love you so much. No matter where you go, people always want to be around you. You make everyone feel welcome and like they are your best friend. You're kind, smart, funny, and the absolute BEST big brother. We are so proud of you, and so glad you're in our family. Keep shining bright, Boston man!! 

We love you. Hope you had the best seventh birthday ever.

Love, Mom & Dad

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