2013 favorites.

Friends! Welcome to 2014. I thought I'd ring it in for you, even though we're already five days into January. Merp. Better late than never? Such a dumb saying. But also, that's kind of my life motto. Roll wit' it yo.

I thought it would be fun to throw out my favorite posts from 2013. (Thanks for the idea, NieNie!) Because let's be real, it's the closest I'm getting to a legit scrapbook for the year. So kick back, grab some leftover Christmas chocolate or something (because, hi. CHOCOLATE.), and peruse at your leisure.

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2013 was good to me. So so good.

It brought me my sweet Cam bam, and it brought me to a new state. It brought me a bachelor's degree, and it brought me a new church calling. It brought me a whole lot of laughs from a sassy toddler. It brought me another awesome year of marriage. It brought me new perspectives, new challenges, new adventures, and new ideas.

Thanks 2013, you old dog, you.

And now, 2014. Bring it!
I'm ready for you.

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