Summer Trip 2016 (part V): Hilton Head Island

I'm slowly getting caught up on blog posts that have been neglected for a long while, including those from our summertime trip to the beach with Jord's parents! We spent a week vacationing with them the end of May, and it was so much fun! The next few posts will wrap up our trip.

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You guys, Hilton Head Island is paradise. Seriously. When Jordan's parents told us they were headed to Savannah, we knew we had to convince them to stay in Hilton Head with us for a few days afterwards. It is just a dream. The white, sandy beaches, the lush green landscapes, the dreamy oceanfront homes, the southern charm...ahhhh. If you've never been, put it on your list of places to visit asap!!

These photos are from Coligny Beach, which is seriously one of my favorite beaches in the world. It's just gorgeous! There was a little inlet of water that the kids played in for hours, and it was pretty much perfect.
^My little boogie boarder!^
^I mean, those cheeks on that Holland boy. SO EDIBLE.^
^Cam and Holland having some fun with Grandpa Mac!^
^Cam was such a good sport. Haha!^
^"I'm a pirate, mom! Arrrrrgh!"^
^I love this family of mine.^
^Trying to escape the wagon!^
Such a perfect day at Coligny Beach. We had so much fun, and pretty much played until the sun went down! We loved it.

The next day, we hit up a different beach. Because hey! It's vacation, so why not?? We lucked out by having a condo that connected directly to a private beach, and it was just the best. So in the morning, we woke up and headed down the pier to the sandy shore, and we were pretty much the only people there. Just the way I like it!

^Sandy-faced baby^

Boston took me exploring down the beach, and we found the most gigantic, weird looking creature I've ever seen. After some googling (what did we ever do before google??), we found out it was a horseshoe crab. Boston thought it was the coolest thing in the world!

After a fun morning of playing at the beach, we got cleaned up and headed down to Harbour Town. It's a cute little area of Hilton Head Island with a lighthouse, restaurants, and shops, and we loved wandering around with Grandma and Grandpa Mac.

If you know me well, you know that I'm TERRIFIED of heights. Like, I get shaky going up regular stairs. Not kidding at all. So you know that it's a big deal when I tell you that I climbed to the top of that cute red and white lighthouse. It was a big accomplishment, people!! I know that Boston and Camden did it without even batting an eye, but I was sweating bullets. I told you, I'm terrified! Haha.

But you know what, it was actually pretty mild (nothing compared to THIS lighthouse experience...woof!), and I even went out on the balcony for a few photos! See? I'm getting so brave. (Just don't ask me to do it again. Haha! But seriously)
^Climbing to the top!^

The boys loved looking out of the telescopes with Grandma and Grandpa at the top of the lighthouse. They thought it was awesome!
^Papa Mac and Camden boy!^
^Cam was obsessed with this singing crocodile in the lighthouse gift shop. It was the cutest!^

The shops around the lighthouse were so adorable. Also, there were red rocking chairs everywhere. Are they not the cutest things in the world?? I was like "JORD. We need these for the house asap!" But really though. So quaint and charming. I love the South.
^Cutest brothers.^

There was the coolest, most giant tree I've ever seen at Harbour Village, complete with a darling swing. Of course I made everyone stop and take a zillion photos. People love it when I do that. (Haha! My poor family.) But just look at the pictures!! So worth it, right?
At this point we were all STARVING, so we went to the Frosty Frog for some dinner! A touristy must-do if you're in Hilton Head.

Then, onto some ice cream! Because obviously.

Camden picked the blue kind (favorite color), and his eyes lit up after he took a bite. He said,
"Mom! I yub dis! It tastes just wike fwoot yoops!" Haha. Man, he's cute. 

^Oh, Boston. You always know how to make an awkward fake cow picture look inviting.^
^Is this mean? Because I think it's the cutest. I mean, that belly!! Wiggle town.^

So much fun!!

P.S., props to you for making it through another vacation post. A blog post about the last bits of Hilton Head is coming up next, and then a post about Chattanooga, TN! Whoop whoop!

(Photos from our trip to Hilton Head two years ago, HERE!)

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